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The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking

Most of our thoughts never leave our lips, and despite not having a voice they still make up a significant amount of our emotional well-being. Negative thinking is an evolutionary adaptation that helps us recognize danger and protect ourselves, however, more often than not, our negative thinking does more to harm us than actually keep us safe.

The New York Times helps usher in the new year with a helpful article to bring about more mindfulness when it comes to our negative thinking. One of the points it stresses (no pun intended) is to not judge or criticize negative thoughts, but rather recognize them as they arise. Bringing awareness to negative thoughts as they happen helps break the cycle more than fighting or struggling against them can.

The article proceeds to discuss socratic questioning as an effective way of bringing about awareness to patterns of thinking, as well as the benefits of therapy to help address issues of negative therapy, which are often coupled with depression and anxiety.

Let this be the year we make space for more positivity of thought and mind.

Link to full article here.

#negativethinking #mindfulness #depression #anxiety

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