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Winter Musings

It's not winter yet, we have a few days to go, and yet, seeing the trees bare, without their beautiful autumn leaves, I can't help but feel inspired.

You may be asking yourself, "What is she talking about?"

And I'll happily explain. A few years ago when looking out the window at the same tree I always stared at, I realized an important lesson. The consistency of the tree, of my tree, that literally weathered through the most difficult storms and harshest conditions, always kept standing. Even in the most adverse moments of being entirely exposed and vulnerable, it continued to proudly hold its branches high.

That day was an important lesson for me to continue to hold my head high, despite what may be happening around me. The tree doesn't choose to be embarrassed or apologetic, and I realized that neither should I. Years later as I see the trees around me stripped of their beauty and protection, I stare in awe at their resilience and feel confident in knowing that they, and all of us, will make it through and bloom again.

#wintermusings #resiliency #lifelessons

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