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Eating is an essential act of daily living but can be a source of stress and hardship for some. Whether restrictive, binging, or purging, disordered eating can take on various forms and can often be accompanied by a range of difficult emotions associated with one’s self-worth, body-image and sense of control, among others.


If you have a complicated relationship with food and find yourself either restricting what you eat and/or exercising excessively, or binging and/or purging, or if you find yourself worried about your weight and appearance, it may be helpful to talk to someone.


I utilize evidence based treatments in a nurturing environment to help clients who struggle with disordered eating. A psychodynamic approach is used to explore underlying emotional factors and triggers, while cognitive and behavioral interventions are implemented to work with clients on embracing adaptive beliefs and practices.


To schedule a consultation or to learn more, please use the contact button below. 

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