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Individual, Family and Couples Therapy


As an integrative therapist utilizing various modalities, I believe in adapting an approach to therapy that is specific to each client to help foster meaningful development. Together, in a supportive environment, we can work towards attaining deeper personal fulfillment and the growth you are seeking for yourself.

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Emily Levin, LCSW-R, PLLC


As a licensed clinical social worker, a certified psychoanalyst, and a trained EMDR therapist, Emily Levin has over ten years of experience in private practice in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Emily specializes in individual, adolescent and couples therapy while utilizing various modalities in her approach to treatment which include relational psychoanalysis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness, among others. 

In addition to private practice, Emily was the co-director of evening programming at National Institute for the Psychotherapies, and has been published in numerous mental health publications and prominent journals such as Psychoanalytic Perspectives. Emily has been a guest speaker at various mental health conferences on her expertise in psychodynamic theory, the treatment of trauma, as well as suicide prevention. 

You can find a comprehensive outline of Emily's training and publications here. 

Link to Emily's page on the Women's Mental Health Consortium.

Link to Emily's page on Psychology Today.

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Raffaela Bonventre, LMSW


Raffaela is a Licensed Master of Social Work working as a Psychotherapist. She has studied psychology and clinical social work and has worked for the past 10 years within hospitals, psychotherapeutic agencies, and community based organizations. Raffaela serves individuals, couples, and families in their healing and understanding of the complex and painful parts of their experience. Raffaela meets each person she communicates with in the healing space, exactly where they are in the moment of connection.  She is committed to providing person- centered, unique interventions to support the symptoms and impact of unresolved traumatic experiences including survivors of chronic dysfunction, abuse and domestic violence, suicidal ideation and emotional crises, maladaptive couple and family functioning, substance abuse and eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and grief. Raffaela prioritizes an empathic therapeutic space and relationship as the instrument to guide each person towards a meaningful life with healthy and conscious awareness and fulfilling relationships with self and others to foster love and growth. Raffaela utilizes trauma- informed modalities to make sense of limiting or distorted thought patterns, behavioral challenges and recurring patterns, interpersonal troubles, somatic discomfort, and spiritual crises.  Raffaela utilizes pillars of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, psychodynamic theory, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, parts work/ internal family systems, and an intergenerational lens.  Raffaela works to embody safety, to create a space of union for people to align with themselves and their surroundings, to feel seen wholly, as they are and wish to be, through the relationships, cultures, systems and environments that have influenced their shape. 

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Grace O'Shea, LMSW


My name is Grace O’Shea, and I am a licensed psychotherapist based in New York City. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Neuroscience from Augustana College and my Master’s in Social Work from New York University. I specialize in working with athletes and survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and my professional training also focused on contributing to research investigating treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

As an advocate for survivors of gender-based violence and a former collegiate athlete, I aim to partner with individuals who have experienced the effects of violence and athletes struggling with mental health challenges. I provide an empathic and non-judgmental space to work together to understand the root cause of your symptoms and address maladaptive coping patterns and relational difficulties.

I have received training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), and I implement a trauma-informed approach grounded in my neuroscience training. In addition to IFS, I incorporate elements of systems theory, psychodynamic, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral therapy, depending on the most appropriate approach for our work together.

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Treatment modalities utilized include but are not limited to: 


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